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But I was also hellbent on not coming off that way. And I did a decent job of going with the flow, until Corey told me to jump up and grab the rings that were hanging from the ceiling. But with some urging, I did just that.

I even learned a little bit about kipping, one of the techniques used in Crossfit. I felt empowered that day. I felt like for the first time in a long time, I was in control of my body and its future. I went back the next day.

Beth's Story

And the next. And for the first few weeks, my body reminded me daily that this was all new. As time passed, I found that my body was responding to this new lifestyle. I began dropping weight and putting on muscle.

Beth’s Story: The Power of Gradual Change - CrossFit Repo

And sure, that made me happy. Over the months, without me even realizing it, Crossfit had become less about what I looked like and more about what I was capable of. My body had become an ally rather than an enemy. I was aging before my very eyes, way too quickly. Perhaps the hair loss was most alarming. After going to 6 specialists seeking help, I was left undiagnosed and told my hair would never grow back. More than one specialist offered me an anti depressant, as if that, alone, would cure me. But I knew for certain something was physically wrong, yet there were no answers.

I was dismissed. Gradually I restored my energy and vitality, my sleep, and my metabolism. My skin and eyes began to shine. All were born during the same rubella epidemic that was occurring at that time. There are caregivers there for 24 hours a day who basically prepare their meals and ensure that they are fed, they look after their hygiene and basic health and make sure that they get to their activities within their mental capabilities. My daughter now is She does not speak, she has no eyesight at all, she is completely deaf, her sensory input is through vibration and smell.

Beth's Story Vol 1

One of her activities is doing puzzles, the sort of puzzles that you would give to a two year old. Wooden type puzzles, which she does all by touch. Because I have adopted her out in the past, as a birth mother I have absolutely no legal rights at all. Once they are over the age of 18 they are considered to be independent even though they are disabled.

I have moved on.

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By the time I got over the initial shock in , my relationship bonding with her is as if she is a patient. It is that kind of relationship.


And there is also, I suppose it is hurt, that that relationship is never able to get established, of a mother and a child because of her disability. So that is another grief. I think she only knows me through the perfume I wear. It took me a long time to go into another pregnancy, I was married ten years before I was prepared to have another babe. The other children are just beautiful, fine. Certainly it has underlined the need for vaccination with them. They are able to see the effects of rubella which is very potent experience. At the Lodge there are five residents there now, all with the same kind of disabilities.