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They pleaded with Elyurias to not turn them into hosts for her parasitic wasps. So long as the forest people guarded the eggs with their hearts and souls until they hatched, they would not be harmed. This bargain was carried out through countless generations. These parasite wasps have the ability to control their human host, a trait most parasitic organisms posses.

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That is the power that No. When No. In response, No. Nezumi was only five when he witnessed his family, friends, and home burn.

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During his attempt to flee, he received the scars on his back. He only survived this tragedy thanks to an old woman who carried him out on her back and took care of him. Through this, Nezumi's own hatred for the city began to boil. When Gran attempted to carry out assassination on the Mayor of No.

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As result, Nezumi was captured and taken to the Correctional Facility, where he was left in the basement to die. He found the tunnels that led to the underground society, and there he met Rou. After two years of living there, Rou made a plan that would allow Nezumi to leave the underground and escape from the city's clutches. Rou contacted officials in the Correctional Facility and told them that Nezumi was the last of the forest folk, claiming they'd benefit a great deal if they took him to the Moondrop for experimentation.

Before sending Nezumi off, Rou gave him a knife and told him to escape the very moment the opportunity opened up. During his escort to the Moondrop, Nezumi was able to slip away from the Security Bureau.

Nezumi's Children

Once security let their guard down he was able to escape into the sewers, with backup close on his trail. Nezumi was first shown staggering to the outside of a tunnel, appearing to be wounded on his shoulder. He made it out alive and is seen promising himself that he would not die a meaningless death. He then appeared in front of Shion as he entered the window leading to his room. Shion, then twelve, was surprised by his sudden appearance but before he could say anything Nezumi quickly silenced him with a choke hold.

Shion then saw Nezumi's bleeding shoulder and offered to treat the wound. Nezumi was shocked by this sudden request. Shion's mother then spoke through the intercom asking if Shion opened the window. He said yes and but did not warn her of Nezumi's presence. Nezumi released Shion and he asked if the wound was from a bullet.

When Nezumi responded Shion was shocked to know that anyone other then the hunting group even possessed weapons. Four years later, Nezumi learns from his robotic rats that Shion was on his way to the correctional facility.

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He traces the police car in which Shion was being transported and rescues him. He leads him to West Block, just outside No. Nezumi later saves Shion from a fatal parasitic infection.

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When he learns that Shion wants to save the city from the infection -- thus contradicting what Nezumi desires -- he tells him that he would become his enemy if he carries out with that plan. Nezumi is bright and has the animal-like ability to sense danger.

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He is noted to be agile and strong, proven when he survived the Correctional Facility. He is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and fighting with his knife.

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