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Amanda Tackett, who worked for Cunningham's campaign for district attorney in , told the newspaper that Cunningham repeatedly used racial slurs.

Susanna Reid recalls ‘chilling’ experience meeting death row inmate days before execution date

Cunningham told Tackett he wanted to return the county to a place where people didn't have to worry about Jews and other minorities, she said. Halprin's attorneys only learned of Cunningham's alleged bias through the newspaper's reporting last year. Despite his appeal, prosecutors have sought an October execution date.

A judge hasn't yet ruled on the request.

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In Dec. Halprin, a Jewish death row inmate who was part of the "Texas 7" gang of escaped prisoners, has filed an appeal claiming the former county Judge Vickers Cunningham, who convicted him, was anti-Semitic and frequently used racial slurs.

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Crime: Robbery and first-degree murder after strangling an year-old woman with Christmas tree lights. Year: Meal: Room temperature SpaghettiOs. He ordered a few other items, but the room temperature SpaghettiOs definitely stands out the most. Rumor has it that Grasso complained the SpaghettiOs were too hot when they brought him the meal.

I guess they assumed he has time to wait for it to cool down? Am I right? Crime: Rape and capital murder Year: Meal: A cup of tea and six cookies. I know these killers are so precise and calculated, but why limit yourself to just six cookies? This is your last meal. The only thing worse than being executed is being executed on an empty stomach.

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Year: Meal: Dirt. Smith asked for dirt in order to do a voodoo ritual before his execution.

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Imagine how that conversation went down. Prison: What do you want for your last meal? Smith: Dirt so I can perform a voodoo ritual. How about yogurt? Again, why take the risk? Daniel Colwell must die! Delk was given a death sentence and quickly earned a reputation as the biggest troublemaker on the Texas death row. He refused to use soap or remove his clothes when showering, repeatedly threatened jailhouse employees, and his cell had to be lined with steel plates because Delk was constantly chipping away at the concrete blocks.

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Prior to his execution, Delk claimed at various times to be a submarine commander, a district judge, a licensed physician, and the President of Kenya. Get your warden off this gurney and shut up! You are not in America. This is the island of Barbados. People will see you doing this!

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Varnall Weeks A killer reborn? The dots on the domino showed a double seven, and Weeks proclaimed that the domino represented him because there were seven days in a week. Weeks then commenced to ramble about Aztecs, albinos, Buddhism, and his fondness for rainy weather, among other topics.