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Unforgettable passion. Two months have passed since Karina's painful departure from James, the mysterious lover who awakened her darkest desires, and she'll do anything-anything-to locate him and win him back. Her search takes her to London, where she finds herself immersed in the world of fine art and forbidden pleasures.

And soon, Karina meets another enigmatic man w Unforgettable passion. And soon, Karina meets another enigmatic man who promises to help her find James. Unexpected pleasure. Damon George is rich, gorgeous, and a member of a secret society that caters to the sensual thrills of the wealthy and powerful. Though Karina insists her heart will always belong to James, Damon is determined to have her, body and soul. By the time she finds James, Karina has been "trained" to please another. Will James reject her again. Get A Copy.

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Struck By Lightning

Jan 26, Amy rated it did not like it. Join me, will you, in emitting a heavy sigh for yet another erotica trilogy. Is there a law somewhere - a regulation - that all erotica must come in threes? Apparently not. Oh, what E. James hath wrought. And, no, Cecilia Tan, that is not a compliment. So here we have the second book of the threesome. I didn't read the first one, and while having done so would have helped understand one of the major plot Join me, will you, in emitting a heavy sigh for yet another erotica trilogy.

I didn't read the first one, and while having done so would have helped understand one of the major plot points, I have a feeling that said major plot point would still be a mystery. Following the predictable course of erotica, we have Karina, in the last year of her graduate studies yes, she's another young one , getting over the broken heart left her by James yes, he's another older, richer one , who apparently did not like that Karina "broke through his walls" and "saw the real him" and "forced him to realize that he can love.

Yes, it absolutely does. So Karina heads to London to work at an art gallery, but more importantly to try and track down James. And apparently also an artist. Damon George, another purveyor of spanky panky, wants to take Karina under his black leather belt, so to speak, and help her understand the Mind of the Dominant in hopes that she can get James back. One thing leads to a spanking leads to another thing, and Karina's plan works.

Sort of. I mean, it can't work too well, because a third book must be written.

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We know nothing about James, and that's what I wonder about the first book. Is he in it more? Do we know him? Or is he still a mystery? Yet again, we have the dull heroine. Oh, she's supposed to be high spirited, but she isn't. She's a sniveling, whiney, woe-is-me-I-miss-James-I-love-James-my-heart-cannot-go-on-without-James kind of character.

Now, Damon is a bit more interesting, but even then, we've read him before. Nothing about him or Karina, or James, for that matter, stands out. Which brings us to the sex scenes. Again, nothing new here. They're hot, but since Karina has a "no penetration allowed" clause, you might suffer from blue, er, ovaries for most of the book. I don't think you will need to strap on your vibrator for this one. Give it a pass and read Blindfolded Innocence instead, which at least has an interesting heroine AND super hot headboard rockin'.

View all 6 comments. I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review. I am so disappointed. I really enjoyed the first book and thought Karina and James were great characters. I didn't like either one of them in this book, at all. The elusive James is gone and Karina would do anything to find him and get him back, including turning her self over to Damon, a dom in need of an attitude adjustment. Nothing about the plot drew me in, save the appearance of James. I liked him in the fir I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.

I liked him in the first book, but in this one- wow, I wasn't expecting it, but I just I can't say too much because it'll give away the end. It was disappointing to say the least and I'll only be reading the third book to find out how it's resolved. View 1 comment. I'm not even rating this book. SLOW is right.

The only reason I finished it is because I need to do a review. I had zero interest in the MC's kinks and foray into submissive-Ville. I wanted her to find James and by the time she did, I was thoroughly bored. James is no longer compelling to me. I'm really not reading the next book. Just tell me what happens. Jul 09, Betsy rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , erotica , bdsm , rockers. This is a review of all three books, so there is info in here about the other two, if you haven't read them be careful. As a whole work I'm very unsure how to rate these books. I feel like the first book was maybe a 3.

Then there is the fact that the first book feels like almost a completely different story than the next two, though one does not work without the other two which makes it confusing. The second two books are This is a review of all three books, so there is info in here about the other two, if you haven't read them be careful. The second two books are very, very short, more like novellas which was aggravating since they are the same price. Slow Surrender is more like novel length, but it feels like the author just didn't feel like giving the reader the ending because she wanted it to be a trilogy.

The trouble then is that the ending isn't provided for the reader until Slow Seduction, but there is a lot that really isn't needed in those last two books and so I feel like the whole thing could just be condensed into one volume and share the reader a lot of trouble and reduce the amount of skimming.

Slow Surrender grabbed my attention because of the very mysterious James who is introduced right away as he asks Karina a question when she waitressing. They immediately begin playing a "game" of seduction. Karina doesn't know the rules, and neither does the reader. That works well and draws the reader into the story. The reader remains in the dark about who James is and his intentions with Karina throughout the entire book.

That mystery provides thrilling aspect that makes you want to keep reading. There are definitely obvious clues as to James' true identity, but it is still fun to read about Karina and James' encounters because for the whole first volume it feels like they are virtual strangers becoming more and more intimate without their relationship progressing in any "normal" way. However, James' true identity was a bit of a deal-breaker, really a jump-the-shark moment for me because it just seemed utterly ridiculous. I mean that literally, he is this ridiculously well-known rock star known for his rock operas, of course!

Now, I don't have any problem with the idea of hidden identities or rock stars. In fact, I like both tropes in my romance, but this whole scenario seemed a bit over the top. And I'll tell you why: James is initially presented to the reader as a sort of refined business man type. He's constantly in and out of meetings, and going various places with his driver in his limo, talking on his phone and he's always very, very busy. Classic, billionaire romance hero stuff, you know. THEN we find out that James is also a gifted artist not just a rich guy who asks random waitresses to stick marbles in their panties.

In fact, it turns out that his glassworks are re-known in the art community and he has displayed his work at various art shows, also keeping his true artist identity a secret. Finally, we also find out that he is a gifted modern dancer, and performs on stage when in his rock-star persona with other dancers. Karina of course thinks this is so HAWT. I do not. I think that might actual have been the exact moment that this character was lost to me. I cannot in good conscious believe that a man who has been described as urbane and sophisticated, driving around in a limo in NYC wearing three piece suits would then don a pair of spandex leggings and a belly shirt and prance about on a stage doing modern dance.

Like WAY too many. He loses all credibility by book three because there is just too much going on. He cannot be amazing at everything and it doesn't even make sense for all of these interests to be combined in one character. In the first book the reader doesn't really know or understand the many facets of James the Amazing Spandex Prancer, but by book three you are blown away by the sheer amount of things happening with him, and not in a good way.

So that whole angle really didn't work for me, and it basically made the books not work for me. The reader gets to see her go through that as she realizes that she really enjoys it and she is sort of flummoxed abut her feelings. Also, the latter two books briefly, but in my opinion much too superficially, explore Karina's mental state as she wonders if she enjoys being a submissive in general, or if it is just James that gets her going.

That would have made a better, more emotionally potent book for me. The whole thing should be condensed in to one volume and all the other nonsense in James character should be taken out. Tan should also get rid of the whole bit with Karina going to London and almost becoming a submissive at the secret BDSM club, but then doing actually doing it, and go straight to the reconciliation between her and James. If I was editing this book that is what I'd do. Jan 01, Ilana rated it it was amazing. My Thoughts I had to re-read Slow Surrender so that I could refresh myself on this exciting and erotic game that James was playing with Karina, and boy was I happy that i did.

Where Slow Seduction picks up is a few months in the future where Karina has just taken a summer job at the Tate Britain through the connection that she made via James with Martindale who is the curator there. Through her roommate Becky, she meets Paulina and Michel who put her up in their home in exchange for help in renovating and opening their own gallery. There are interesting connections of this couple to others in the story as we learn throughout.

We also meet Damon George who in his own way is very much like James and is even a member of the London branch of the same society that James is, and Karina some how hopes that through the club she can find him, so she builds that relationship with Damon as a means to find him. I think that we get everything that we were expecting and a little bit more with the way that it ended up. I hope you guys enjoy! Jan 27, Chelsea rated it really liked it Shelves: erotica , This book grew on me as I read it - and I started by reading it out of order because by the time I picked it up to read having had it on my review shelf for a couple weeks at the time, I believe , the language in the blurb description had become a little irritating.

Training made me think unwilling or being treated like less than a person, for whatever reason, and that made me reluctant to read. So I read some of the start, a chapter in the middle and then the end, and kind of read backwards - f This book grew on me as I read it - and I started by reading it out of order because by the time I picked it up to read having had it on my review shelf for a couple weeks at the time, I believe , the language in the blurb description had become a little irritating.

So I read some of the start, a chapter in the middle and then the end, and kind of read backwards - first the last chapter , then the last few, then another, and then I went deeper into the middle and read from there, and then I skimmed back to the beginning and worked forwards for a while. I haven't read the first book in the Struck by Lightning series so I didn't have a pre-existing love for the pairing of Karina and James. This book is about Karina's search for James, to reunite with the Dom after he left her alone in the middle of a sex party?

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She chases after him to England from New York , getting work at an art gallery, and joining a secret BDSM club in hopes that it'll put her in contact with him. Along the way, she picks up a new Dom - Damon - who teaches her more of the lifestyle, and learns more about her own sexual preferences. I liked Karina quite a bit. She's strong willed, she's adventurous and curious, she's going after what she wants, even if that's some guy.

I think if she hadn't been such a good character, the rest of the book might not have been as enjoyable. There's quite a bit of sex in here, a lot of variety, a lot of kink. Because Karina's heart isn't really in the sex so much as in getting through all the hoops she has to in order to reunite with James, I found the sex less satisfying than it might have been. If she'd been engaged in it for pleasure's sake, I think that might have won me over, but Now, the way things were left at the end of the book did make me want to read the third - so kudos for that.

It's one of the reasons I bumped this up from 3. Jan 07, M.

Slow Seduction

Todd Webster rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica. Good things come to those who wait! I've waited a year for this book, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the appearance of the third and final novel in six months. Now, armed with only a job offer from theTate in London and a mysterious sculpture of a glass slipper, Karina goes in quest of her missing beloved. In London she is soon drawn into two different but slightly overlapping wor Good things come to those who wait! In London she is soon drawn into two different but slightly overlapping worlds which James inhabits, one a world of dominants and submissives, discipline and service, the other a world of artists and artisans, creatives and free spirits.

Tan introduces a raft of new characters, all of whom are connected with James in one way or another; I particularly liked oddball couple Paulina and Michel and I don't consider quirkiness a character flaw. The crucial question Karina faces is whether it's really James she wants, or simply the type of sex to which he introduced her. Could she be happy with another dom?

While Karina and James are separated for much of the novel, he is never out of her thoughts, and he makes one affecting appearance before the climax of the story, which is intense both emotionally and sexually. Tan also sets up a crisis in Karina's relationship with her mother that will need to be resolved. I honestly don't think that this book suffers too much from "middle book sag"--it's mostly set-up and not much pay-off, but I trust the pay-off in book three will be worth the wait.

If you liked the first book, I say don't hesitate to get this one!

Jun 29, Meleka Taylor rated it liked it. This was a filler book for me and I hate filler books. But I did give this one a 3 star rating, 2. This books starts off 2 months after "James" has just up and left Karina with no explanation. She is following leads to find him. During this book the main thing that stuck out to me was that Karina started to question was it "James" that she missed and loved or was it the adventure she was addicted to.

She put herself through a lot to figu This was a filler book for me and I hate filler books. She put herself through a lot to figure that out. As I stated before, the story was ok. It brought nothing to the table development wise. It brought forth more questions than answers since "James" has another secret at the end of this. I felt that this was not needed and could have went in a different direction. I thought Damon was a good foil for James. He was a sexy man that knew how to please a woman that should be a given since he is in a secret society that deals with sex.

I liked reading how he tried to seduce Karina and try to persuade her to forget about "James". The main reason I am excited about the next book was that since "James" cannot be honest with Karina she is now requiring him to chase her. She chased him halfway around the world for lies and he pushed her away. Now, if he wants her then he needs to chase her with the same fervor that she chased him. I want to see how much she will make him keep that commitment.

View 2 comments. I was instantly drawn in. I wanted more of James. I couldn't get enough! I couldn't wait to start this one and see where things would go. For me this one was good but not great. It didn't pull me in the way I hoped it would. It just felt drawn out. We get to meet Damon and he was okay but he wasn't James. I wanted James! And I will say that yes she meets Damon and yes she goes with him so that he can train her to be a good submissive. He is alright I 3. He is alright I guess but to be honest he really isn't a great Dom. They don't really spend a lot of time together "training".

Release Blitz- Casual Affair (Slow Seduction #1) By Melanie Munton

Or maybe that's just me and I didn't think they did. I just wasn't really feeling their 'togetherness'. And like the synopsis says she finds him She finds James! I was so excited! I wanted to get answers I wanted to know what the hell happened! There are a few things that come out and a few twists and turns. So that was interesting! I can say that I didn't see it coming! I was left yet again having more questions than answers. I know that is what a series is supposed to do, a good one will leave you waiting for the next one in the series! So Well Played!! Feb 16, Karinosa rated it it was amazing.

Well well well!!! I can see that some reviewers didn't get the whole plot and understand this one. This is a second book of the series. This first book has to be read in order to understand this one. I enjoyed this book very much! I could not put it down. I felt the nervousness of these characters down to my toes!! Damon and James and the Heroine of the story are a good match.

They allow you to see certain things of each character that you would not normally see otherwise. Damon seems cock Well well well!!! Damon seems cocky and arrogant. I did not know how far that went, but some of the things that come out is crazy wicked!! I had a feeling that some things were going on, but not to the extent that they did!!! That is also a little frustrating as well. I am usually really good at figuring things out I am going to patiently wait for the next and hopefully last in this series.

There should be a hot, sexy, arrogant, alpha male doing lots of groveling and ass kissing in the next book!! I can't wait!!! Not sure about patiently waiting!!! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I don't know why most of this novel exists I think it is the publishers looking to make more money by stretching a one novel story into three. I hate to be mean, the writing is good, the twists and turns are fabulous but half way though this book I was begging the heroine to stop being stupid and dump the dude!

Yawn, sex I pushed 1. Jan 04, Daphna rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. I want to shout and tell everyone about this series. I have not seen great reviews for this book or this series but something about Karina and James has completely caught my attention and I want more.

It is hard to talk about this book with out giving away the book itself. But one thing I want to know is I mean seriously. A neurotic protagonist is new for me and I am loving it. I am ready to pre order the third one. Different twist on erotica. Aug 12, Ann Sutphin rated it really liked it. Can't wait to read the next in the series! Jul 06, Emily Hobson rated it it was ok. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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